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Innovation, among many things in the world happen because of people.








Michael J Slater

Founder & Chairman


Extraordinary innovators have helped
define the way that I see the world.

From numerous entrepreneurial attempts to ultimately selling my company to Google in 2012, it has been innovation along with fundamental entrepreneurial principles that ultimately led to success. More importantly though, these fundamental concepts of innovation, strategy, investment, and scalability are what lead to repeatable success. 







 Strategy is not an academic pursuit or an esoteric concept that leads a company. Strategy is a pragmatic process, philosophy and lens that guide a business to an envisioned state that builds value. And from that future envisioned state, a strategy can be built. Backwards. Strategy is developing options and anticipating the opportunities to getting back to where you are now. Strategy is Dreaming Backwards.  



Potential Capital is about connecting people to people and people to processes, which are both key in growing value for both the market and investors. And it is where innovation meets scale within the market where shareholder value lives. 


Michael J. Slater
Founder & Chairman
Entry Ventures Group